[WebPatterns] - Client input validations - error on focus


When validating the mandatory fields, the focus is always on the first field of the last column.

According to the logic (javascript function OsPage_ClientValidate), the field that should be focused should be the first field with error of the first column (happens in all devices - desktop, tablet and phone).

It happens for all patterns of Webpatterns> Structure

More details:

On browser

var OsPage_ValidatorsOrder =  new Array("Theme_wt18_block_WebPatterns_wt13_block_wt6_wtCommandLine", "Theme_wt18_block_wtMainContent_WebPatterns_wt14_block_wtColumn2_wt25", "Theme_wt18_block_wtMainContent_WebPatterns_wt14_block_wtColumn2_wt26", "Theme_wt18_block_wtMainContent_WebPatterns_wt14_block_wtColumn2_wt17", "Theme_wt18_block_wtMainContent_WebPatterns_wt14_block_wtColumn1_wt28", "Theme_wt18_block_wtMainContent_WebPatterns_wt14_block_wtColumn1_wt7", "Theme_wt18_block_wtMainContent_WebPatterns_wt14_block_wtColumn1_wt23");

Hi Luis,

I think that´s a bug when using "Columns2" pattern. 

At least, if you use two containers(one next to another) to create the two columns that you want, instead of "Columns2" webpattern you will get the focus on the first field of the first "column" as expected.

Best regards,

Bruno Guedes


It's not just a bug in the "Columns2" pattern but all the native layout patterns.

I already reported it to outsystems and it will be fixed in a next version of SilkUi.

Provisional solution:

In the "Extended Properties" of each of those buttons, configure the following property:

= "setTimeout(
function() {