Converting Web Application in Outsystems 10 to Mobile

Hi All!

I have created a web application and now I want to create mobile app for the same.
I followed, the community but found that prior to the Outsystems 10, we cannot convert the Web Application to Mobile application.

So, is it possible in Outsystems 10 to create a mobile app from an existing Web Application which has been developed in Outsystem 10 only.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Aditya,

Unfortunately, this is not possible other than by manually recreating it. The technology behind Web Apps is quite different from that of Mobile Apps, so automatic conversion is not possible (and you shouldn't want it, given that web and mobile are different experiences, and you should rethink the UI and UX for mobile).

That said, there may be server-side logic you can reuse, if you don't need an off-line app, though for performance you should limit that.


Outsystems Web app vs Mobile app is very different.

- Mobile app has Client Action which essentially generated as Javascript, web app only has Server Action.

- Every aggregates in web app are executed synchronously in Preparation Logic, mobile app's aggregates are executed asynchronously.

- Mobile app has access to device's local storage and sensor (camera, gps, etc), Web app does't.

So, no automatic conversion possible.

You're best bet is to reuse entities and server actions, but everything else must be built from scratch.