Scheduler properties


How can i set the time that the scheduler takes to get the timers to be run?

My problem is:

I have a timer that starts run at 7am and will runing in intervals of 20 seconds until 9pm. I don't know why it takes 20 seconds to run again.

In the end of the execution of the timer i have an action that makes a sleep for 7 seconds and then i explicitly wake the timer with the Wake built-in action of the timer.
If the timer takes less than 20 seconds to be executed it will run again 20 seconds after it starts the last execution, but if the timer takes, for example, 22 seconds to execute it will start run 40 seconds after the last execution.

I think this is because the sheduler will get the timers that are ready to be run in intervals of 20 seconds, am i right?

Is there a way to configure the time that the scheduler takes to get the list of timers to be run? Where can i see where this is configured?

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance,

Gonçalo Marques

Hi Gonçalo,

In fact scheduler service checks every 20 seconds for new timer/schedule actions to run. It's the scheduler architecture and it's not possible to change this 20 seconds value.

I don't know exactly what you want to do but here some notes and suggestions:

- If you want to static configure the next execution time of a scheduler task, you can do it on Service Studio, or in Service Center (In eSpace screen, Timers tab).

- If you want do configure the timer to run in different hours, for instance, inside timer action configure next execution time, please check topic How to dynamically define TIMERS Next Execution

- If you want to run an action during 2 hours with an interval of 7 seconds, why don't you create a scheduler task to run at 7am, with a timeout of 2 hours, and inside the time action you have a cycle (that ends at 9am) that in each iteration you execute the action and sleeps for 7 seconds.

Hope that this could help you. Please reply if you have any doubts.


João Portela
Hi João,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I was trying to get a way to change the 20 seconds value of the scheduler architecture, but if it is not possible i will find another way to resolve my problem.

The topic that you describe is very usefull, and i will probably use it.

Note that my action don't run for two hours but for 14hours, it starts at 7am and ends at 9pm(21h), so it couldn't be done that way, but thanks again for your reply.


Gonçalo Marques