"This server is using a Database Server not allowed by its license...."

The error is: "This server is using a Database Server not allowed by its license. Either the license contract must be changed or you must change the Database Server being used. "

What did I do for this to happen? Nothing!!!

Where can I configure or change SQL server to local server and what could of happen for this error to occur?


It works again... don't know why or how but it's working again....

Hi Ricardo

I'm glad you've worked this out.

For future reference, please take a look on the screenshoot you've provided, on the Serial Number value for the current license, it states "Unable to obtain machine identification".

This means that either your OutSystems Deployment Controller or your Windows Management Instrumentation service is down, or not responding, failing to get the server's Serial Number. When this happens, the license defaults to the minimum settings, has it has happen.

The problem probably corrected it self after the services came back online again.


Miguel João
Hi Miguel,

Some time it still happens, but after rebooting the computer it starts working again....

How or where can I see or get the OutSystems Deployment Controller or Windows Management Instrumentation services running again?

Thank for the help

In the prtsc you can see that it's still unable to get de id of the computer! but very thing is working good.

but sometimes it just stops working

Hi Ricardo

You can check the Windows Services, and check the status of the Windows Management Instrumentation service, and the OutSystems Deployment Controller service. They should be started and in mode automatic.

Additionally, check the Event Viewer application and system logs fro any errors related to these services.