Hey guys, I am trying to provide employees a way to edit records. I have used the Edit Records widget, but how do I get the employee's information to appear on this Edit Records widget to even edit? I have it linked to the database, but now I need to be able to search for a person to edit that record. Any specific example or quick briefing on getting a person to show up in the Edit Records so you can edit that specific person and not just add that person. 

Hi Jared, 

Have you gone trough the online training materials? This type of bahaviors is illustrated in several places.



Jarred, I don't know if I undertand your question. 

But in the online training Materials, when you make an if condition to display "new movie" instead of editing an existing movie on the MovieDetail Screen, you state this condition based on the MovieId being NullIdentifier or not. The "not" comes from a link of the Movie Screen. It's the specific ID that you've chosen. 

You may work on the source screen in order to filter the name of the employee and then to have a link to the detail screen where you may edit its details.

Hope this help and good Luck!

I went through the Tutorials, but I dont reallly remember them. I learn by hands on unfortunately. That's the main way things stick with me is by doing it and being presented with the problem and thinking about it. I can follow instructions I just dont retain it. I'll look through them and see if I can find it.