[Speech Recognition Plugin] Implementation example

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Published on 24 Jan by Hugo 
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Published on 24 Jan by Hugo 

Could you please help me to implement speech reconsecration in my mobile App.  

Hi Sajesh,

what difficulties are you facing with the plugin?


Good morning!

I have a question regarding the speach recognition plugin.

One of the methods of the plugin module is the "StopListening" function and it says in the description that it's used for the iOS.

Could you give me a practical example on how to use this?

For example in android you just fire the startListening event and it "knows" when to end.

How would we go about implementing it for the iOS?

Thanks in advance!

Hi João,

There is a difference between Android and iOS platforms.
On Android speech recognition stops when the speaker finishes speaking (at end of sentence). On iOS the user has to stop manually the recognition process by calling stopListening() method.

That's how it works for iOS, I don't think that can be changed, sorry.


Hi all,

@João did you find a way to implement the stopListening() method? How and when to call this do you know?

@Miguel can you please help me implement this on IOs? Do you have any example?