Right Clicking Button and Selecting DeleteEmps New Screen action

Hey guys .. I simply right clicked the button and selected the DeleteEmps New Screen Action option that already shows up. However when I go to delete an employee record using the button I get this.

The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "OSFRK_OSUSR_ZUT_EMPTERM_OSUSR_ZUT_EMPS_EMPSID". The conflict occurred in database "QIPQ5G047", table "dbo.OSUSR_ZUT_EMPTERM", column 'EMPSID'.The statement has been terminated.


According to the guide, it should have been click and play, but so far it isn't. Hm

The only thing I can think that is causing this is the database module i have is being referenced by my core module is being screwed up. The Database module is seperate than my core module. So there's some kind of issue deleting the record because it's a reference to this module completing the action.


Figured it out. Go back to your previous module and select and make sure you adjust your delete rule to ignore deleting entries in other tables or allowing deletes to occur in that table when you delete from another table or Protecting that table from deletion when you attempt to delete another record.

I could not delete the record because it would have deleted the employee ID being referenced in another record that wouldn't allow it to be deleted due o the delete protected rule.