Retrieve users with my projects roles

i want get list of users with specific roles? 

my roles 

i added reference of user_effective_role table from system 

No values fetching

 My normal users 

please help me i struck here last two days is imp scenario to me  


You're joining two tables by "not joining them". You're saying "User_Effective_Role" only with "User" but then your join condition should be "User.Id" = "User_Effective_Role.UserId" and:

- Either you filter out with a condition like "User_Effective_Role"."Role_Id" = Roles.Admin or

- You use "User.Id" = "User_Effective_Role.UserId" and "User_Effective_Role".RoleId = Roles.Admin on your join condition



Hi Rajesh,

In such cases, I would advise you to create a few testing Aggregates or Screens that just dump the contents of the Entities in question, like User, Role, User_Role and User_Effective_Role, to see whether you deduce what the problem is.

That said, what is "Roles.Admin" for thing? Is it a Structure you fill yourself?