How to restore a production database to a local laptop running Express Edition

Hello all,

In order to simulate some bulk import to our production database (120MBytes), I have requested our infrastructures department to make a full backup of said database and restored it to my SQL Server 2005 Development Edition.

I have checked Miguel João's post about how to migrate a database to another server, but I need to recover it to my laptop that is running the Express Edition.

First question: Is this at all possible?
Second question: How to deal with the error in the Event Log while trying to start the Deployment Service about an invalid License. As I am running the Express Edition, I don't have the license as in our PRD/QUA environment.

I have tried to install the Express Edition standalone (i.e., in a different catalog then the database I recovered from production) and extracted the license, but how can I insert that license in the database so that the deployment service can start?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,
Dear All.

This is to inform you that I have solved the problem.

Here were the steps:

1 - Installed the Express Edition on a fresh database
2 - Logged in to ServiceCenter and extracted the license
3 - Shut down all OS services
4 - Restarted SQL Server
5 - Removed the database created upon installation
6 - Restored the production database
7 - *deleted all records from ossys_activation* (this was the missing step)
8 - Proceeded with the Technote present here in the community about recovering a database from backup

I also had to make sure that my active users were not more than 5, so I had to go to the ossys_user table and inactivated some users until I reached 5

9 - Published all solutions.

Thank you and Best Regards,
Hi Fábio

I'm guessing you found the technical note Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone.

That's basically it.