Any way to extract sqlite data from mobile (iphone)

One of our team was playing with the latest version of our test app. They took a bunch of photos from within the app which dont get stored in the phone's library, just the offline storage within our Outsystems app. Trouble is, another member of our team updated our offline sync algorithm including a reference to an updated extension to compress images (so that we can do server-side encryption if the javascript version isn't working). Problem is, the one person who had gone and taken lots of photos inside a test app(!!) happens to be getting an error when it tries to auto update and it is trying to do that update when they try to sync, so we cant get the photos off. The update bit says to reinstall and that local storage will be lost.

Any suggestions or cunning plans welcome. It's not the end of the world if they lose their photos (it was just a test app and they were supposed to try with taking photos outside the app and import them from library), but would be a nice win if there were a way. I've been trying with iPhones plugged in and in debug mode and cant see any way to get to running data, I have tried creating iTunes backups of devices and then 'exploring' them, but the sqllite files don't seem to get backed up along with our app. Is that possible? I'm just going by file sizes, if I take 3 photos in our app, backup and then take another 10 and backup again none of the files in the backup grow by more than a few kb.

I am going to try publishing a version of our app which reverts the changes and removes the references so that perhaps they will be able to sync to get the data off, but I've a feeling that wont work as they'll need to update to see the changes and so the update bits will need to pick up on the new (old!) version and then be happy with them. The guy has gone offline now or I'd try that now. Anyway, you guys are literally all more knowledgeable than me so if anyone can think of a way it'd be great.

Thanks as always. By the way, none of our other testers had any issues with the update, so its not a real bug or anything.