hi i am using outsystem inbuild highchart. i want to make some changes into it. how should i change the legends position? (i want legends at bottom but in horizontal manner, but if i change the parameter from dataseriesname then the width of the columns gets reduced). want to remove the x axis values. also want to put data labels (values)on column charts.

Previously also we put question for editing the highcharts scripts in outsystem but i could not get any reply...

also on export i want to change the legends position on right side 

Yours solution will be appreciable.


Hello Bharat,

Did you have a look at the Forge application Charts_HowTo?

It contains Simple and Advanced chart samples, as well as a Customize screen, where you can set properties (like the legend position) of the HighCharts, and the proper JSON code is generated for you to use in your customized chart.

Hope this will help you.

Good luck with it.

without any forge controller is it possible?


bharat koshti wrote:

without any forge controller is it possible?


Yes it is possible. The component I referred to,  is only to help you understand how to configure and speed up the configuration process of your charts.

You install it in your environment and use it to understand it how to configure charts. 

It can also generate the JSON structure with all the configuration settings that you than use in your program.

Then if you want you can remove the Charts_HowTo application.

For further information you can also check of the highchart website: https://www.highcharts.com/




@Daniël Kuhlmann thank you very much....this solution works for me....