I was wondering, if we put the timeout in minutes property of a timer as 0, does it mean that run the timer till it completes (as java) or it means stop the timer after 0 minutes.

Thanks in advance


Interesting question. I would think that 0 is an invalid time-out value, and the timer would fail immediately. But it is easy to try out - you could've probably tested it in the same time you needed to post on this forum ;).


Hi Kilian,

Tried running a timer with 0 as the timeout in minutes, and as expected it timed out as soon as it started.



You have timer without timeout is not a best practice in OutSystems.  This is because you can not control every possible issues during timer execution.  

There is a nice lesson about timers in this link, (All video is nice, but the specific part of timers starts around 2:14:00) - https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/1133/master-class-on-best-practices-and-timers/

You will found here some tips and rules to keep your timers safe and complete, doing all the works and not repeating executions for any quantity of data. 

Best Regards

Fabio Fantato


Thanks for reporting back, I learned something too :).