How to update data in oracle database after editing data in Outsystems. 

Hi Bindu,

Unfortunately, your question is overly broad and can't be answered without further information. How have you exposed the Oracle database? Are you talking about an external one integrated via Integration Studio, or a native OS database in Oracle? What kind of "editing" data are you talking about?

And, above all: have you followed the online training material? It extensively visits the topics of creating edit screens and storing data back in the database.

Hi Kilian,

In EditRecords screen once I edit and update, the resulting changes are effected in debug mode in Outsystems, But result is not effecting in Database .

We are using external DB Entities Integrated in to Integration Studio

should i need to write update trigger?

Hi Bindu,

Yes, you need to write back the values to the database, they are not automatically written back. There's no implicit binding between Screen Variables and the database. Like I asked, have you followed the online training material? It's all explained in there.