[Wish]_Enhanced and Cascading Style Sheets

In Web Standards, the stylesheet plays a prime role, on the presentation layer. For this reason, we must pay some more attention to it.

Some very useful and essential functionalities:
- Ability to define both an external and internal stylesheet, to be rendered to mark-up in that specific order. With this we would have the ability to define a base stylesheet for our enterprise application and a specific one for the eSpace under work, which could redefine some styles.
- Push external stylesheet to consumer eSpaces, not relying in copy-paste.
- Support the element prefix in the CSS selectors, like DIV.MyBox. This would create a natural segmentation when using the combo box: if selecting a style for a DIV, only the universal and DIV selectors would be presented.

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About refreshing external CSS mechanism (already posted in initial topic of this forum but having this as main topic instead):

Maybe a download CSS button could be provided alongside the URL input box...
On the other hand, maybe a CSS could even be a referenced item (along with entities, actions, etc.)...
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Paulo Ramos