We are using Mobile App created using OutSystems Platform. While doing load testing we found that there are Connection Time Out errors.

We have used Asynch call while calling another service from OutSystems and on the same call its giving Connection Time Out error.

My Question is if we are using Asynch call then why its giving connection time out?


Umesh Kulkarni

Hello Umesh,

Not sure I understood your question.
The fact that some request is asynchronous do not remove the possibility of timeout. It just means that other processes will not wait it to finish to run. 

So, if you do an asynchronous request and it took too long to answer, it will probably timeout.


Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Yeah but from that request we are no expecting any response.

Yeah it takes some time to get back response but how to make the call fully Asynchronous?


Umesh Kulkarni


How are you doing the request?


Its POST request

HI Umesh,

How are you generating the load? are you using any load testing tool like j meter to generate the load. Also is it happening with all the request or after few request you start getting this.

One last question is it On Premises or cloud environment ?



I am not sure if this is still a valid question, I was looking for something and landed here. If it is an HTTP request, there will be timeout. No matter it is asynchronous or not. Even if it expects 204 status code in response, it will have a timeout.