Is this even possible?

Hi there I am completely new to Outsystems and I am hoping to start building my skills up. What I want to try and make is a simple little app for iOS/Android which allows a user to go onto, input a special URL provided by myself, it saves the URL and then redirects to the OS's built in web browser and opens the special URL. Ideally I would like it to remember the URL each time it goes onto the app. In concept it sounds simple enough but I just want to try and figure out what modules and bits I need to start looking at to start making this app.

I know this is a big ask but I hope someone can point me in the right direction?

Many Thanks 


Nice to hear you want to use OutSystems.
The right direction is to do the Online training (if you didn't already):

What you want is possible, of course (If I am seeing right). And there are lots of posts in the forum related to open URLs in the app.


Excellent! Thank you for your quick reply, I will embark on the training course.