Table update with the Excel file data


  I loaded the excel file data into DB using one bootstrap timer action. 

And now i am updating some fields in a row data in that file and loaded again, In this case CreateorUpdate action is creating a new row instead of updating the new data with the existing row data.

   Any one have any idea on this ? Is there any way to do this ?



Hi Gopi, 

While updating data into DB through excel, You have to write a logic to find weather this record is existing or new. In case if it is existing record and needs to be update, You have to assign it's primary key in record variable along with all the updated values before passing this record variable to createOrUpdate action.


HI Gopi,

When you want to update a row in the table you need to have its id (primary key) which you can use to update the record. When you use CreateOrUpdate action it checks if you passed the id of the record than it updates the record if not it creates a new record.

Now in case when you are uploading the excel and you dont have your id column there ,what you can do is check with some unique value in the entity if record exists use that id with the new data and pass the record in CreateOrUpdate action.