Feedback message not displaying in Production Environment

I found some odd behavior with the Feedback message in a couple of  my applications  where the feedback message is not displayed when an error message is thrown.

This only happens in the prod system even though there are no differences between prod-dev or prod-qa.

From what I’ve seen, if an exception is encountered, the top padding of the feedback message is be set to -2px (cssTest.jpg) but as you can see, it only works in QA/Dev (cssProd.jpg). 


if(!($.browser.msie && $.browser.version<7))

$feedbackWrapperId.css("top", "-2px");

Hi Bhagya,

I've never seen this behaviour, nor can I explain why this happens. Does this happen in all applications? If not, what's the difference between those that are affected and those that are not? Any CSS maybe that causes this?

P.S. You have included the wrong image it seems?