[Wish]_Enhanced entity diagram

[Wish]_Enhanced entity diagram

A frequent problem we face is for a project newcomer (or even older team members) to try to grasp the data model for an eSpace. Since the entity object is too small, entity and attribute names are often truncated, which makes comprehension more difficult. Wouldn't it be great to have a more flexible interface (thus eliminating the need to hand-draw the data model)

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And I'd like to add the following to the topic of enhancing the entity diagram:

a) (already posted in initial topic of this forum but having this as main topic instead) it should show an important colour hint for "delete rule" on entity associations
The current entity connector is just a simple black one indicating "who points to who".
The proposed: add a colour to the connector indicating
- Green: "Protect" delete rule
- Yellow: "Ignore" delete rule
- Red: "Delete" delete rule

b) right-mouse-button click options "Show entities refering this one" and "Show entities refered by this one"
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I was recently sent to a project that is already half way, and I was trying to find all the connections to one table, some tables where a bit big, making the data model screen difficult to follow, so I agree with Nuno Fernandes with both features.
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Hi guys,

Have you given OutDocumenter's Entity Diagram a shot?

Of course it also has limitations:
- It outputs an image, ergo it's not dynamic.
- It can be hard to read when you have a lot of entities (although you can use only the entities that are visible in Service Studio's Entity Diagram

But it also responds to same of your problems:
- Names aren't truncated
- Delete rules are represented
- Static entities are shown differently from other entities.
- You can output an entity diagram without attributes that depicts the relationships between entities.

Go give it a go: http://hubedition.outsystems.net/outdocumenter/Diagrams.aspx