/* Automatically generated style */ [data-style-key] Issues


In my mobile projet, when move a container, web blocks, or others elements, automatically Outsystems set this Property Value data-style-key.

This functionaly conflict with my styles class declared, because rewrite my the atributes class.

Ask:  Is possible deactive generation this keys? I glad if possible...


Hi Rodolpho,

You can't change that. If you need to change the CSS, you need to take the data-style-key and others into account.

Hi Kilian,

Understood, so i get the data-style-key  and edit as i need.


Hello Rodolpho,

As a workaround you can follow the next steps. You need to search by every elements on your module that have data-style-key assigned and then edit one by one.

step 1: search by data-style-key;

step 2: open the style editor (ctrl+j)
step 3: On style properties applied remove the style that is written in theinput;

step3.1: if style properties applied is empty, write something and delete.
step 4: close the style editor;

The widget should now have no data-style-key associated.
I noticed that the data-style-key was also removed from the .css document.

Screenshot for each step:

step 1:

step 2:

step 3:

step 4:


Hi EFreitas,

Thanks for reply, this solution works great! Before I had copied the attribute of the key and edit in the css, but no have solution, the keys still conflict!

I worked hard but I managed to manipulate the keys now! I dont know about this function (ctrl + j), thanks for this.

I will mark solution. Thanks one more time.