[Wish]_Excel file import

[Wish]_Excel file import


In what concerns excel .xls file imports, SS assumes the input file has *exactly* the same
number of columns as the target structure. However, it would be usefull if this wasn't true.
This is; if the input file had more columns, SS could ignore it; if it had less columns SS could
fill it with something the developer could specify.

A real situation: image you have to import 3 .xls similar files:
X | Y | Z
X | Y
X | Y | Z | K

These files have a different number of columns, but the output structure could be:
S1 = { X ; Y ; Z ; K }

and the developer would decide what to do with this structure.

This would spare the complexity of creating one structure per file. Instead, one would have
a generic output structure and parse it as desired.

Thank you
Hi Luis,

From the upcoming Hub Server version onwards, the runtime engine will allow the loading of Excel files with more data columns than the output mapping structure: the surplus columns will simply be ignored. This will allow you to store auxiliary formulas to the right of a table, for example.

At the time we extended this feature, it was discussed if we should also allow XLS files with less data columns than the target output, filling in the remainder attributes with OutSystems null values ("", zero, etc). We have, however, consciously decided against it because we feel this scenario is most likely an error and therefore the user will probably want to be informed and re-check the input Excel file.

This feature is only available on versions 4.0 and upwards.

Best Regards,