Hi All,

We have a project on OutSystems that has a tabular display asshown in the screen below :

We need to print the table inside the red border only. Otherelements should not be included like button side menu, etc. We are thinking touse the web browser printing through javascript. Also we need to fit  the table above in two columns of the page like the one below when printing :

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestion.


Here's one way


This is not an "Outsystems" problem as such, rather a HTML problem. Generally the browser wants to print the entire page so you need to do something to either create a "printable page" which is what the above link does by copying the content to a temporary page. Or you need to do something to "hide" the other content when you print.

Another option is you can just have two separate pages, one styled for printing and one for display. You could even have the core content in a webblock which is displayed on both.

Use media queries to design a set of styles for printing that show the main content and hide the rest.


You don't need a separate screen or anything like that.