[Wish]_User Action "Namespaces"

Please allow us to define folders (as in .net namespaces) for user actions.

Most of us use prefixes for organizing user actions. This is cumbersome and don't encourages refactoring and good practices - new developers will possibly avoid creating more user actions just for not adding more confusion, thus duplicating code.

Having dozens of actions on the same level also makes easy not finding some mechanism that already exists and thus defining it again - this is specially true on multi-developer projects.

Paulo Ramos
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Votes: 3

Plus, the possibility of expanding/collapsing all branches would be appreciated.
Hi Henrique,

If you press Ctrl while left-clicking the root of the eSpace Tree, you can expand / colapse all nodes.

Paulo Ramos
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Realy wanted!
Another case of old pain :))

The structure is comparable with the Webservices in SS so I expect that it would not to hard to implement this?