Widget_click not interrupting a server action when called

Hi there, 

I simply want to receive input from the user under a certain condition in a server action (with a popup). So, I created a popup_editor widget on my screen and linked it to a button (as per normal). Then I call a Widget click from within a server action (with the id of the button). However, in the server action process, the popup never appears (it seems to pass right by the Widget_click action). 

Is there something I am missing? 

Kind regards, 


Hi Cole,

Have you attached Popup_Editor with button?

Hello Cole,

The Widget_click do not work with links/buttons if the method is set to navigate (mandatory for Popup editor).

The solution is to use a RunJavaScript action and use the following JavaScript in it:

"$('#" + YourLink.Id + "').click();"