I need to read a uploaded excel file.

The steps i need to do  is:

1.To verity if the column in the excel correct.If it is not, i need to prompt the error message,

2.Read the records in the excel file line by line and verify if the mandatory field is filled in.

Besides that, i need to allow user to download the upload template from the screen so that user could always get the template to upload.

Does anyone know how to do the above steps?

Hi Johnson, 

1) Excel can be uploaded using the upload widget available. 

2) Add a screen action with a button, linked to the upload widget and assign the uploaded file's name, content and type in to an entity. Kindly note that the type of file content will be a binary data. So, the file uploaded along with the content is saved in the entity. 

3) To download the content, use 'ExceltoRecordList' Widget, choose the entity with the attributes similar to the excel columns, and choose the uploaded excel file and the binary data file content.

4) The output can be iterated upon using the regular logic on record lists. 

Hope this is useful. 



Upload can be handled by Upload widget and button with type "Submit" (don't use AJAX Submit).

In the button's logic, you can retrieve uploaded file's binary from Upload Widget action.


you can use a link with Richwidget/Popup_Upload as destination, and a Popup widget with OnNotify action.

In the OnNotify action, you can get the binary using NotifyGetMessage() and Popup_Upload_Get_File combo.

Next step after you acquire the binary, use ExcelToRecordList and iterate each rows in a loop (for each).

ExcelToRecordList needs Record Definition structure.

This is how I iterate each rows in Excel:

(actually I just saved all from column A to N to staging entity, and then parse them afterward).

Hope it helps...


I am also having the same issue, so if anybody can share .oml file so I can get better understanding of how to solve it.


Manthan Shah.