Please add a way to comment (disable) groups of nodes inside actions. This is a basic mechanism on all programming languages, and would be also useful in SS.

For instance, a menu context would allow to disable the selected nodes (and they would appear grayed-out or something).

There are some issues with certain situations - ex: disabling just an "IF" node. Should SS consider the 'true' connector? Should the flow be invalidated (probably best)?...

Paulo Ramos
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It would be great not to delete some flow experiences, but instead comment them.
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I think it could be solved by having a "comment" widget, which can be a starting point and end point for the comment block and thus skip all code/widgets in between. This makes it visually understandable because the flow is as normal.
But a question arises then for me, should we allow "dead code" in a production version or is it just a development supporting widget/feature? In my traditional practice/experience I didn't allow to have dead code/commented code in a live application because it's like having outdated documentation: useless but "dangerous".

So I certainly agree.

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This is something i wanted for years :)
Working with the IF-approach is a workaround but not that handy.

The possibility to disable code is preferable in test situations during development phase.
So I agree with Marco that "dead code" shouldn't be in the production versions.

Maybe it's an idea to introduce a special 'disable' property for this (greying out the component so you have visual feedback). This way you can also give a warning when the code is published on a production server.
Please do that, it's "fundamental"

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Both the 'start/end comment widget' or the 'disable node' context option seem plausible to me. (disabling nodes is probably more natural in a flow environment although it can become less efficient commenting large chunks of nodes.)

What about a 'section' node, so that we can expand and collapse parts of a flow? Just thinking out loud here. :)
As stated before all programming languages have these mechanisms.
It surprised me that OutSystems doesn't have an implementation for this basic features.

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Hi all,

If you want this feature as much as I do, ask for it in the right place:

Hermínio Mira


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