I have an strange situation, but it's so simply that I have no idea what i'm doing wrong... 

As the title said, I have a record of certain type, and I'm using it into a Build-In Create-Entity function, and that returns "0" (nullIndetifier). No errors, only "zero" (so when i'm going to use it in another place crash)... 

How it could be possible? 




Hi Carlos,

Here you can have two possible situations:

1.  If your Entity has no using autonumber as primary key. So, you need to use your own logic to increment tthe id and pass it to Create built-in action 

2. If you are using Oracle and External Database (Mapped from Integration Studio) . In this case,  you need to use Sequences as well. SO, you need to get the sequence before call Create. https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/15133/call-sequence-trigger/

Best Regards

Fabio Fantato


Hello Carlos wich database are you using? This table have a AutoIncrement primary key? You can try to force a Commit using server action Commit.

Oh my... you were completly right Fantato! It was so obvious that I had not thought about that. For some reason somebody had removed the autonumeric from the table.

Thanks for the help!