I want to execute GenerateExcelData action with the following query:

"Select Nome from {Aluno}"

I already tried "Select Nome from {Aluno};"

When I click on the button to execute this query, the following error appears:

Incorrect syntax near '}'.

What is wrong?


Hello Catarina,

Sorry for my Ignorance...
Where is defined this GenerateExcelData?
I never used it.


Hello Eduardo,

I used FastExcelWriter component of Forge.

It only contains GenerateExcelData action.



You try with physical name instead metadata name?

And seeing the C# code you maybe need to create this path: C:\FCB\Temp in your server

Hi Catarina,

In this case, it is always better to open the question directly into the component page, as the mantainers will be notified of the question.

I would say, as a first approach, to avoid using this component.

Just do an aggregate, fetch your data, and use the ListToExcel statement (Toolbox in action) to convert to excel and than save it or download it.


This component is an extension that messes directly into the database (and probably you will need the real table names...).