S22_Imap issue in retrieving multiple attachments


I'm trying to retrieve multiple attachment from my mail using the GetAttachmentStream. While iterating the number of iteration based on the number is attachment is working fine. But the streamId is the same for each iteration. Hence, as a result the same attachment is being retrieved multiple times. Is there a way I could solve this.

Hi Samuel,

Are you sure you are iterating and using the right stream ID? I just did a quick test and the ContentStreamId is just a 1-based sequence number:

My guess would be that you are iterating over a list that you aren't using the ContentStreamId of...

Hello Kilian,

Thanks for your response. I have been trying to iterate using the attachment in the mail but I'm not sure if the stream Id being unique during the iteration. Here is a screenshot of the expression I used with the for loop. How do I iterate through these unique 1-based contentStreamId. My next step in the flow is to input each of the contentStreamId to the getattachment for retrieving the binary data.


Hi Samuel,

That's indeed what I would expect to work.


For Each: