When you make a change and deploy it to the personal area, notice that the URL is pointing to your personal area. If you resize your page, you may see something like this that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen

If you click the Preview button, notice that it takes you to the Preview Screen with the various devices to view your responsive page from. However, the URL is now pointing to your Public Area. A workaround for this is to paste in the URL for your Personal Area (/<project_name>/<OutSystems_email_account>/<Page.aspx?_ts=###>) into the URL in Preview Mode just after "Preview.aspx?URL=". 

This will allow you to preview your changes in Preview Mode with the URL pointing to your Personal Area.

Note: This is not a major project threatening bug, but it is still is one nonetheless.


Thanks for reporting this Tim, we'll notice OutSystems about this topic, hopefully they'll pick it up. Meanwhile, I'd like to ask you to also report it via the Support Portal.

Thank you Kilian. I just wanted to make sure this was not the expected behavior.