Hi OutSystems Community,

I Woud like to ask about the APIs in OutSystems, in particular the BinaryData API. I'm working on a task that requires to read from a text file (.txt) into outsystem and try to use the data. And requires the Binary API BinaryToText64 Function to convert it.
However, i've met with an issue regarding the API.

I went online to search and found out that the API is a referenced Module.

However, i've no idea where to get it, nor how to get it into the OutSystems.

I apologies if this is critically obvious, but i'm tried searching and have no idea how it works, maybe i'm looking at the wrong places. Hopefully i'll be able to get some help with this. 

With many thanks,




Welcome to the OutSystems community.

You should reference that particular action in the "Manage Dependencies" popup.

Please tell us if you managed to move on...


João Heleno