Get Office365 photo to mobile app

Hello everyone!

I have a problem. I create a mobile app that make authentication in our active directory and i want to get the user photo from office365 account. So, I get the url and in the place of email i put the Get function to put email from user in the link.

In web environment that works, but in mobile don't.

I dont know why.

If you want to try there is one link:

Anyone can help me?

Thanks everyone!

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Ricardo Pereira

Hi Ricardo,

Those links only work if you're logged in to Office365, they're not public (I rightly get an error when trying that link). Presumably you're not logged in on the mobile device.

Hi Kilian!

Thanks for your help! 

So, It's something that i cannot do... Ther is another way to do that?


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Hi Ricardo,

I'm not too familiar with Office365 unfortunately, there are various APIs, some of which need server-side configuration. I'd advise you to Google around, the Office365 connector is unfortunately web only.

Tank you Kilian!

I will search information about this topic!

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