[Event System] Event System for Mobile

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Published on 11 Jun (7 days ago) by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 11 Jun (7 days ago) by leonardo.fernandes


Are you planning to have this in mobile too in the future?

I basically need this module in mobile too.

Thank you very much!

Hi Allan, 

You don't need it in mobile, because mobile already supports most if not all of the functionality out of the box!

Have you followed the online mobile courses? Events are explained in there.

Hello Allan. Killian is quite right. In mobile you can create custom events, and reuse screen actions. I don't see any need for this component to be ported to mobile.

If you have any specific need, please share it with us and we might be able to help you.


Thank you for your reply. What i want to do is to trigger an action from the second screen to the first screen.

I have this mobile app that is using two screen. The 1st screen is calling the 2nd screen upon clicking a button.

Then when the 2nd screen is close it should go back to the 1st screen and trigger an action.

Can someone from this group help me how to do this?

Thank you.


Hi Allan,

Several ways you could try to solve this using standard OutSystems functionallity

Tightly couples solution

  • Define a non-mandatory input parameter on screen 1 that you set when navigating from screen 2 to screen 1
  • Based on the value of the parameter 1 you could call the action in the onInitialize or onReady
  • If you have to pass parameter values to the action, add those as input parameters on screen 1 too.

Loosly coupled solution





Thank you for this idea :)