we have an on premisis environment  and we have several private applications and one public mobile application. We have two frontend, one in DMZ e one in private network, in the DMZ frontend we leave the mobile application and the remaining applications on private frontend.

The hostname for the configuration of Envirovment is set to a private name es 'site.localdomain', the problem is that when we generate the mobile application this hostname is used as endpoint for the mobile app .

When the app starts on smatphone we see an connection timeout error probabily because the endpoint is set to the local hostname 'site.localdomain' , so it is not resolved in Internet.

There is a way to change and configuring a different endpoint for the mobile application without changing the hostname of the Envirovment?

Thank you

Hi Corrado,

Since 10.0.804.0 version of the platform, it is possible to do that. Probably you should upgrade your server.

New in Platform Server 10.0.804.0

  • It is now possible to specify a domain name for a mobile app in Service Center. (RLIT-1486)


Best Regards

Fabio Fantato

Thank you Fabio