Hi all,

I am now working with the Navigation Wizard for the first time (Mobile) and somehow I don't seem to get the Wizard Items working. What not is working; is that I can not get the steps change in status (color) as I go through the steps by clicking next. 

I created 4 variables. 1 for each step. I gave the variable the Steps Identifier. 

By clicking on next I created this (not finished) logic flow. There has to be done many more things, but I would like to see the steps are working. So with every condition I created some assigns to enable some buttons, but also to give the variable of the different steps the correct step status. 

I think I might forget something or did it the wrong way. Is there somebody who could help me with this on how to get this working? 

Did you assign  ST1, ST2, ST3 and ST4 to each corrosponding NagivationItem Status input parameter?

Hi Daniël,

Yes I did. As I tried a lot of things it seems to work right now. Don't really know what went wrong or what made it to let it work. But I build the objects from scratch again and it is working now. 

Hey Martjin,

If possible if you upload a quick example, it's easier to take a look.

Did you put your wizard items inside the wizard placeholder? 



Hi Henrique,

I deleted the variables that I used to allocate the status of the steps. I now work with If statements. I added an example below. It is working as wished right now without creating any variables. Nevertheless many thanks for all the replies.