How to use Progress Bar widget for Uploading Excel File?

Hi All,

I have a screen where the user can upload data from Excel file. The user can upload this file using the upload-widget. 

My question is:

How to use the Progress Bar widget when the uploading process is running in background? (in percentage) 

Sorry I am a rookie developer on Outsystem.

Here is the example mock-up of my screen.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Edbert Hansel

Hi Edbert,

First, it's probably not wise leaving your e-mail address in a post, spammers an' all.

As for your question, it depends on how you've implemented the upload. If it's in a Screen Action, you can just Ajax Refresh whatever widget you use for displaying the progress bar, but Screen Actions have a limited timeout, so very large Excels shouldn't be uploaded and processed like that.

If you've implemented a Timer (on upload save the file to a (temporary) Entity, then start the timer), the Timer will need to write its progress somewhere for the screen to read. In order to update a progress indicator in this case, you'll need some JavaScript to periodically click a hidden Button or Link to a Screen Action (Ajax Submit) that'll refresh the progress widget.