[Wish]_My wish: HTML editor widget :)

[Wish]_My wish: HTML editor widget :)

I would be very helpfull if there was an HTML Editor widget

I hope it will be available soon :)
Hi António!

Here's an example that satisfies your wish :) This RichTextEditor was created with John Goodman's Whizzywig (http://www.unverse.net/whizzywig-cross-browser-html-editor.html).
We did do some slight changes to its original code, but they're well commented.

Some highlights:
  • It's quite powerful since it offers a good range of functionalities (bold, italic, justify, bullet lists, colouring, etc..)
  • You can even decide which buttons to show to the user to simplify the interface
  • There's also multilanguage support!
For a taste of our sample go try it at: http://onlinedev.outsystems.net/RichTextEditorSample/

Feel free to enhance it and let us know about it,
Pedro Gonçalves
Ops... forgot the actual solution package :)

Here you go...have fun!

Pedro Gonçalves
So this thread is pretty old, but I was wondering if there have been any updates to the RichTextEditor since it was first published?
Hello Isaac,

there is another HTML Editor that you should try, take a look to CKEditor.

Hugo Pinheiro