Entities not visible when updating dependencies


I have a problem with dependencies..

Firstly I am using ODB to connect to Oracle dbase.

I have created local entities in the core module.

One of these entities has been changed: the ID is set to autonumber.

When I try to update dependencies in the Users module It keeps on showing this depencency needs to be refreshed as the ID has changed. Even after refreshing it shows the same entity with the same notice when trying to update dependencies.

Secondly, There are two entities that do not show at all even though they do show in the core module.

They are both public, like all the other entities.

I have tried removing the dependency with the autonumber ID and deployed the Users module. Then added the dependency again but it made no difference.



I just descovered that when I uncheck the autonumber on the ID in ODB tool and re-deploy the integration and update dependencies on the core module, I can now see the other two entities in the Users module when updating dependencies. 

It seems like the autonumber issue was blocking the dependency check for entitites created after this change to autonumber.