Error connecting to environment (HTTPS connection)

Error connecting to environment (HTTPS connection)


Hello, I recently got this pop up screen when I want to switch environment

here is the pop up screen I got since yesterday

is there any suggestion to fix the problem? I'm the only one who got this error message, while the others not getting this kinda pop up screen. Recently I'm using service studio on version (10.0.815.0) 


Andre Budiman

If it's only you facing this, I would suggest something:


Now that I've got your attention, try renaming the "Service Studio 10" folder on:

C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\OutSystems

To something like Service Studio 10 - BAK and see start the Service Studio. See if it fixes.

My folder looks like this:

Let me know if this helps!


Hi Armando, 

We had the exact same issue and your solution worked perfectly, 


I too was receiving this error running Service Studio 10.

I isolated the issue with the help of above posts to the configuration file %TEMP%\OutSystems\ServiceStudio 10.0\Settings.xml.

For some reason, the HasSSL value had changed to false for my connection. Changing this to true resolved the issue.

      <PortNumber xsi:nil="true" />