How to build outsystem server On-Premises


Can any one help me how to build Outsystem server On-Premises. I have done pre-requirements. How to install the application.

To build Outsystem server below need to install and is it correct.

Platform Server
Service Center

I did not understand where to download.

And is it right place,  where i posted.

Hi Mohan,

Installing and setting up an OutSystems server is a specialist's job. You can't just do that without any training or instructions, it's very complex and doing something wrong will result in a non-functioning environment. Also, you need an on-premise licence to run an on-premise installation, do you have one?


Hi Mohan,

  If you have purchased an on premise licence the I suggest contacting Outsystems support or your account manager for assistance. I have found they are excellent at helping you get up and running and will most likely give you different options on getting things going if you don't have the expertise yourself.


Hi John/kilian

Thank you for the suggestions and we have licence and i want to build in test environment.

Any suggestion or any document.


Hi Mohan,

Like John says, it's probably best to contact OutSystems Support or your OS account manager. However, here is the documentation.

Thank you much for the suggestion.

My advice is to follow the Install Checklist to the letter, open the file in a web browser and actually check the checkboxes as you do each step.

Hi Mohan Kumar,
Welcome to the community.

As other people are saying, yes its a complex process and will require maximum attention while configuring the server. If you are planning to do it yourself or with the help of your team, please go through the below description.
I have personal experience of configuring such environment for one of our organization's on-premises server.

1) Download checklist
First and most important step is, you need to download checklist file. It is very detailed checklist file which is provided by OutSystems itself to help developers configure servers by them selves. File name will be like 10.0 Install Checklist.MHT

2) Select environment settings as per your requirements
After that, select the exact values which perfectly match with the requirements of your server. Whether you want to upgrade your server or first installation, its having each and every details which can be configured on server. i.e. Machine roles, installation type, server operating system, database which you want to use on your server, etc...

3) Complete Pre-Installation checklist
Once you are done with selecting most suitable components from the checklist, go down further in the document and start working on Pre-Installation. Please complete and select each and every point with Mandatory sign. It includes IIS, roles, services configurations. Its explained in details in this portion.

4) Download and install OutSystems Platform Server
In this step you are required to download and install OS platform server from following link.
Go further to the OutSystems Platform Server  checklist and complete/check each and every point.

5) Complete Post-Installation checklist
Once you are done with Platform server installation, verify the settings in this step. Also you need to configure some settings here for the platform to run successfully on the first time. Please don't miss any step. 

6) Complete Tuning and Security Check
In this step you need to configure your platform's elements i.e. memory, upload size limits, application pools, etc...
This is the last step of configuration.

Once you are done, you can then go to www.YourServerURL/ServiceCenter to check whether everything is working fine and as expected. You can define users and role rights as well to help developers connect their Service Studio to your newly created Platform Server and kickstart application development without any trouble.

Once again I would like to remind you that please don't skip any mandatory steps. It will result in non-functional of your platform server and once its done, it will be hard to find the exact error. So my advice is take all steps slowly but with full attention. Yes it will take some of your additional time but will ensure Platform Server configuration success.
It will be also good to take a print out of checklist once you complete Step 2.

Hope this answer satisfies your question.
Feel free to ask your doubts.

Palak Patel