UI Design Question

Hey, guys, I am running into a situation where I am not sure how to implement this in OutSystems. I feel I need a boost. I figured out a lot of things lately on my project and made tons of progress, but not much on this end.

ProcessessTable -Static Entity


(Route H)

(Route J)


There are 142 processes in this table (Jobs) and an employee could learn potentially learn up to 142 processes. Most have 5 - 30. But potentially they could learn all 142.

I just cannot think how I can take advantage of OutSystems to display all of the processes that one employee has learned.

I could make an accordion for each department and make a check box for each process in that department, maybe? Is that my best option displaying learned processes you guys think?

I would say create a Table that is just UserProcess with a UserId and ProcessId.  Whenever a user learns a process, create a new UserProcess Entity linking the two.

Then you can display two Lists, one aggregating against the Processes the user has learned and one with processes the user does not know.  If you use List Boxes to show this, you can have the user select and add multiple items at a time.

Is that sort of what you are talking about? I could break it down a bit more.

So you mean something similar to below?












(Route H)

(Route J)


What I would do is define a small webBlock with crucial info about the process, maybe just the name? 

Then use a List Records with Line Separator set to none. You can then put the web Block in the list records and play around with the css until you achieve a nice looking result.

The decision on wether to show all the processes and highlight the learned ones (ie by being green or something) or show only the ones that the employees have learned is something that you need to discuss with your users to understand what is more critical to them, comparing learned vs not learned and discarding employees based on non-learned (1st option) or knowing what an employee has in fact learned (2nd option)