team work on environment


we are in the middle of testing the platform for developing, my question is - how teams work together?

does everybody publishing to one environment and run over each other work, or each developer has is own envrionment and  in a point of time publishing it to the main env?

some input on the porcess will be helpful.


Hi Shahar,

There's a lot to say about this subject, but in short:

  1. A team works on a single development environment containing all the modules.
  2. When someone makes a change and publishes the change, the Platform checks whether someone else made a change first. If so, the developer can choose to overwrite or, more commonly, to merge their changes. Typically this is an easy procedure, as it shouldn't happen developers within a single team don't know what the others are doing (so they really shouldn't work on the same Action or the like).
  3. For testing it's possible to run changes in a Personal Area, that doesn't affect other developers.

Also note that all versions of modules that are published are retained in the database, so in case of erroneous changes, it's very easy to get the original code back.

Thanks kilian,

Tell me. In code, lets say in visual studio, i can write something, hit run and it will run locally for me, then i can publishing / checkin the code which other developers can get the changes. In outsystems for each execution i must hit publish, right?


Hello Shahar,

It depends. For web development, it might not. There's one thing called personal testing area which allows a developer to test a module without impacting the others - assuming no references were modified (and so on).

For mobile, it requires that everyone publishes to the public area.

Let me know if this helps,



Hello all,

adding some color to the discussion here.
This article explains how OutSystems enables team collaboration: 


Thanks Vera, didn't know that one :).

@Shahar: After you make changes, you can't directly run them. You either need to publish your changes to the Public Area by pressing F5 or clicking the green "1-Click Publish" button on top of the screen:

in which case everyone sees the changes, or press F6 (or select "Run and Debug in the Personal Area") to run in your Personal Area, in which case only you can see the changes:

"Publishing" in OutSystems parlance means to compile the code and put it in the Web Server (IIS in case of the .NET version of the Platform) so it can run.