I have recently upgraded to 10.0.815 and am experiencing this weird issue where I can't even start my Outsystems Development Environment. It just shows the splash screen and closes. 

I have tried to reinstall it but the same thing happens. I have also installed the latest visual c++ redist according to another post here but that didn't work. Surprisingly Integration Studio works. 

Hope someone can see this. The installation logs showed that it installed successfully as well.

Hey Amos,

I also facing the same issue as of now. It was working perfectly fine. But now it is not opening up saying host not found. But i got a mail from OS Community that they are doing some maintenance jobs in background. That could be the reason for personal Environment downs.


Ramakrushna Rao ... 

I'm not using a personal Environment though. I'm using my company's environment. I think it happened after an update of windows 10.

Hi Amos Jian,

If Possible please share your Screens in .png, and also share oml file of the particular application..

for better understanding....


Hi, turns out the cause of it was due to a dll in my Visual Studio that could not start. I have reinstalled it and managed to get it running again.