Trusted Advisor - Is it true?

Trusted Advisor - Is it true?


hi there,

I am using trusted advisor and it advised: "Unlimited Records in Aggregate". When i go there, i see that the aggregate contains today's transactions and i need all the rows. How come the trusted advisor say that warnings? Also it happen to lookup table? If i put limit, the business logics will be wrong.

 Should I forget the advices?

thank u.

Hi Made,

What is "trusted advisor"?

Hi Kilian,

It is a web application from Outsystems that tell us how to fix the code - a sample, it shows this:


I would think this is a warning, something to check but not something you definitely have to fix. In fact, I think most of the Aggregates I write are "unlimited". It might be though that the warning is triggered by the specific use of the query, but like I said, without code it's difficult to tell (and then still, the warning could be clearer).


If I'm understanding your question correctly, you have an aggregate that doesn't have any filters so it returns the entire table.

That could mean that an unlimited number of records -- imagine a situation where a table has 1 billion records -- could be returned, and that could have a significant performance impact.

The Trusted Advisor is simply informing you of a risk but how you handle that risk is up to you. From what I understand, you already have business rules in place that limit how much data that table will hold, so you've already implemented a strategy to avoid the risk, and the aggregate will never have a significant performance impact, so the risk no longer exists.

Now, what I think you need is a way to tell Trusted Advisor that you've already mitigated the risk, so it can stop telling you about it.

As far as I know there's no way to do this, but you can always suggest that change to the Trusted Advisor team.


However, Made said that the Aggregate contains "today's transactions", so I would assume there's at least one Filter.

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:

However, Made said that the Aggregate contains "today's transactions", so I would assume there's at least one Filter.

Maybe. Whatever the case, the aggregate will return all the records in the table, or in a joined table, but that seems to be exactly what he wants to do.

To be fair, this is usually a bad idea, or even a bug, so I completely understand why the Trusted Advisor is warning him about it.

Thank you,

Yes, even the trusted advisor "warns" a simple lookup table with only 10 records that has no "Max. Records" attribute set. I agree that there should be a way to tell the advisor that I have "already" mitigated the risk as I "know more" the business than that tool for this project.