how to save the screen shot of current wepage in a database.when the test button is clicked the screen shot of the current page is displayed on the container. Can anyone suggest a way to save the image to the database.

Hi Sriharan,

How did you create the screen shot? What container it is displayed in? Do you have access to the binary data?

Hi Kilian,

I used khtml2canvas module from forge and using it initially i can take a screenshot and using javascript i can download the screenshot using the Filesaver.js as used in it. But my requirement is to save the screenshot image in my own outsystem database and use for further process. So is there any idea for it. 

Hi Sriharan,

Storing it in the database involves transferring the binary data to the server (via a POST). So you'll need to come up with some JavaScript to do that. I'll ask the creator of the khtml2canvas component to take a look at your question (but I don't know how quickly he can respond).