Lifetime API - Filter version by Environment

Hello everyone

I'm using the Lifetime Deployment API to retrieve and display the Application's version currently running on each environment

The problem is I cannot seem to find a way on how to filter this information by environment.

The use case is as follows:
- I have a pretty standard setup, with three environments: Dev, Test and Production;

- Let's say the last time a promoted code from Test to Prod, I tagged the version as 0.23

- Now I want to push code from Dev to Test and tag the version as version 1.2

- After code push, if I enter Test, the expression in the screen displays version 1.2, which is correct. 

- The problem is, if I enter Prod, it reads 1.2 instead of 0.23

I've read the documentation OutSystems provides for the Lifetime Deployment API, but I wasn't able to find a way to connect the EnvironmentId, ApplicationId and Version in order to "filter" the response by Environment.

Do you guys have any input on this? 

Web application, running on Service Studio 10.0.801.0

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Did you try to use the GET /Applications/{ApplicationKey} with the parameter IncludeEnvStatus?

In the EnvStatus struct that gets returned you should be able to get this info.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga


Hello Remco

Thanks for your response, and I apologize I took so much time to answer you back

I ended up using a three of the methods provided

1) Call the Environments_List method (i/rest/v1/environments/) 

2) Filter the response by the Environment that I want

3) Call the Environments_GetRunningApp method (i/rest/v1/environments/{EnvironmentKey}/applications/{ApplicationKey}/?IncludeEnvStatus={IncludeEnvStatus}&IncludeModules={IncludeModules}) using the EnvironmentKey I get from Step 1

4) Call the Applications_Versions_Get method (/rest/v1/applications/{ApplicationKey}/versions/{VersionKey}/?IncludeModules={IncludeModules}) with the ApplicationKey and VersionKey retrieved in Step 3

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Good to see that it worked!

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga