Carriage Return (enter key press)

I have a stand alone input text box with a local (text) variable assigned.  I am using the box to capture search criteria for input to dynamically filter on a record set on the same page.  Enter some text and the record set gets filtered on the input boxes change event.

All works well (typing in a part of a word) until I select the enter key when the focus is still on the input box. This renders the whole page inoperable -see screen shot.

Mmmm, I've seen this before, but I can't for the life of me recall what the solution was, if any...

Do you have a default button on that page?

Hi Kevin,

Could you provide a working module that reproduces this for us to test it?I also already saw this a few times, but don't recall the solution either...


Hi Kevin,

When you press the Enter key you submit the default button on your screen... could it be that?

Jorge Martins wrote:

Hi Kevin,

When you press the Enter key you submit the default button on your screen... could it be that?

Hi Jorge,

The question is: why submitting would disappear with data, the table records headers, the menus...

I saw this already, but don't remember the cause...




I think it's because you don't have any button on the screen.

just tested it quickly and when you have inputs but no button, you will get that weird behaviour when you hit enter


Many thanks for the prompt feedback.

I can select anywhere on the web page and click enter with no issues.  As soon as I select the input box and select enter the screen shot happens.  The input box has an on change destination which is an action.  I have removed the action and the issue still occurs.

There is no button on the page only some links, a table of records and the input box.  The input box is dynamically filtering the table of records so hoped to not have to add a button but I will give it a go.  

Any other ideas appreciated.


A possible workaround would be to use JavaScript to capture the Enter Key and ignore it...
But it seems a bit overwhelming doing this...

If you want to be able to change things in a Table Records, using an Input, I would add a + or something like that button, and avoid using the OnChange... 


Many thanks again,

I added a button and this resolved the issue.  

I had the same problem and created a button, set it to default=true (important) and created an 'empty' Screen Action for this button.

Pressing enter now does not give a distorted screen. But strange enough, the Screen Action is not called (execution not stopping at a breakpoint in the 'empty' Screen Action at the end). 

Making the button visible or invisible has no impact.

In short, I get the desired behaviour on pressing the enter key in an inputbox. Only downside is that you lose the possibility to make a different button the default button on the screen.