[IdP] Using Idp with a provider (autenticacao.gov.pt)
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Has anyone implemented Idp to use " autenticacao.gov.ptas a provider? My team is trying to implement this in a mobile environment to fetch the information of a user to complete a registry form.

Any information is welcome! And if you did, how did you manage to do so?

Thank you very much 

Hi Bernardo,

not that I'm aware of. 

The IdP Forge component wasn't tested (yet) with autenticacao.gov.pt.

Nevertheless, you need to follow a specific set of steps. Have a look at this documentation (pages 56 to 96). It seems that AMA has added a couple of specific SAML attributes that the IdP Forge component doesn't have.

I would definitely try first using a Web Portal and then if you can make it work pass to the Mobile channel.

Good Luck!

Still regarding this. I've managed to get it working with Okta (thus understanding how the protocol works ). My question now is the following :

Despite me being able to manually change the plugin and alter what will go in the SAML (atributes like name, or ID number in my case). Will you , the IDP team, update the plugin and allow the user to dynamically add fields that the SAML will request to the SP?

Hi Bernardo,

It's on the backlog, alongside with some useful changes requested by some of our customers that are using the component.



Is there some update on this subject?

From what i've seen the required element in the AuthnRequest that is not supported by "Autenticacao.gov.pt" is the Extensions element.

Is there a way to include this element in the request, namely in the saml_utils extension code?

Thank you


Is there any update on this subject? 

Has anyone managed to change the extension so that it supports the "Extensions" tag in the xml auth request?

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