I have added a new post to the Ideas area within the OutSystems Community.

For those of us with larger applications, updating references can be a huge time consuming burden that is a bane to code production, testing, and deployment.

As you can see when an espace has outdated references from within studio, without ever opening an espace, I have proposed a new feature to update refs and publish with a single click, versus the 6 it currently requires.

We have tried the re-publish solution version option, but it never seems to work.

A 1 click update refs solution from studio, outside the espace, would greatly improve efficiency, usability, and user experience for customers with large applications.

I hope other users will browse over to the idea at https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/4825/click-outdated-refs-triangle-to-update-all-refs and like it so that the ServiceStudio devs will understand this is a very good idea that should be implemented immediately.

Braxton Bragg

Hi Braxton,

This is good idea it should be implemented.