Using SOAP UI to Simplify Complex API Integrations in OutSystems

I created a guide on using a SOAP UI, which I found super helpful in conjunction with OutSystems to make the process of API integrations (that might not have the best documentation) even easier.

Thought I'd post it here in Case anyone could find it useful! 

Here is the Full article, I'll post the beginning here so you can check out if it is something that would be useful for you.

On a recent project, I was tasked with integrating an OutSystems application with a vendor’s API. I had created several API integrations in the past inside of OutSystems, but this was something else. This vendor had many different APIs, each for a different part of the business logic, and each had to be called in sequence.

This integration was understandably one of the biggest early risk factors for the application. How long would this take to understand and implement? Would it work well inside of OutSystems?

Lucky for me, one of the developers who had been working on the project before I came on had done work exploring the APIs using an application called SOAP UI, a free and open source cross-platform functional testing solution for APIs and web services built in Java. He emailed me his SOAP UI workspace and I got to work building out the integration in OutSystems.

Now I know OutSystems makes API integrations fairly easy, but I was still blown away that I was able to create the entire integration module in less than a work day! SOAP UI gave me a huge leg up here since I could test and poke around in a decoupled environment. Once I had figured out the correct implementation, I could quickly port it over to to the OutSystems API editor.

Not only is SOAP UI a useful tool for implementing third party APIs, but it is designed for extensive testing of your own APIs, which can be extremely useful when exposing your own web services from OutSystems. Despite its specific name, SOAP UI can be used to test SOAP and REST web services as well as JMS, AMF, and make any HTTPS and JBDC calls.

This article will barely brush the surface of what SOAP UI has to offer. There is a paid commercial enterprise version, SOAP UI Pro, with more features to more fully automate API testing. In this particular case, the free version was more than enough.

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